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“My experience with this study started with all the personnel, both the doctor’s office and Endeavor’s office, always being professional. My foot is healing perfectly and everything went as planned. I will be happy to return to do another surgery on my left foot in a future study. I felt well-treated all the time!

best clinical research office san antonio txMaria, O.
San Antonio, TX

“I had bunion surgery through Endeavor.  Everything went great!  Professional service from first visit until the last.  Nursing staff at the study site were great.  Dr. Pollak did excellent work, as well, and was very reassuring about process and expected outcome.  Thanks!

best clinical research office san antonio txKyle W.
San Antonio, TX

“I have done two trials with Endeavor.  The first time was great — wonderful staff, very professional, helpful, and informative.  The second time I also received the same level of professionalism and care.  Excellent level of care throughout the trials.  Great staff and follow up.

best clinical research office san antonio txDora P.
San Antonio, TX

“My experience was great!  All appointments were accurate.  Everything was explained and happened exactly the same.  Thank you staff and thank you Dr. Pollak.

best clinical research office san antonio txKarina V.
San Antonio, TX

“Very happy with my procedure.  Dr. Pollak explained everything that was going to be done very well.  Facility where procedure was done was very clean and staff very nice.  I am one very happy camper.  Thank you Dr. Pollak and staff.

best clinical research office san antonio txJanet M.
San Antonio, TX

“The clinical trial was a good experience for me overall.  It was my first surgery ever.  All of my pre-screening was smooth and efficient.  The telephone reps and nurses were always very knowledgeable and helpful.  The in-patient facility where I stayed was nicer than I expected.  I had my own room and got plenty of sleep — in between the med administration and assessments. All the nursing staff was great!  The cowbells that we used to call them were pretty amusing.  Dr. Pollak was pretty great, too.  He explained every process to me and made sure I always understood the next step.  Thank you all for the experience.

best clinical research office san antonio txJoyce M.
San Antonio, TX

“Great experience from start to finish! The nurses took great care of me and answered all my questions and concerns.  Dr. Pollak is an amazing surgeon.  He made me feel comfortable before and after the procedure.  I highly recommend Endeavor Clinical Trials.  Thank you!

best clinical research office san antonio txNydia P.
San Antonio, TX

“From my first appointment for the screening to today’s follow-up, the experience has been amazing.  Dr. Pollak and the Endeavor team in the office, the screening, and the in-patient location is top notch.  I expected pain levels to be higher, but it was completely managed by the medication and following the protocol!  Here’s looking forward to the next bunion!

best clinical research office san antonio txJennifer T.
San Antonio, TX

“I was beyond impressed with my Bunion Research Program experience. When I first met Dr. Russell Stanley, DPM, I was blown away by how helpful and kind he was toward me. A lot of doctors also don’t realize how important it is to have an administrator like Charvette Patrick, EMT-P, who, from first point of contact, was incredibly supportive.

The staff at the Foundation Surgical Hospital genuinely care, they’re very professional, and make an investment in the health and well being of their patients.

My appointment ran on time, Dr. Russell was very knowledgeable, and he made me feel comfortable throughout my time there. If you’re looking for a doctor whose medical knowledge is amazing, treats the whole person with respect, and takes the time to be caring even while maintaining a very efficient office, then Dr. Russell is someone you should visit.”

best clinical research office san antonio txNatacha S.
Los Angeles, CA

“This was my first time participating in a clinical trial and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I could not have been more pleased with the attention and level of care provided by the medical staff at Endeavor Clinical Trial. The nurses made sure I was informed and worked to provide excellent care. I have never had a medical staff work so closely with me before on any procedure. They did a beautiful balance between keeping the integrity of the study while striving to make sure my needs were met. The surgeon gave me beautiful results. I would recommend having the tummy tuck procedure with Endeavor Clinical Trials to a friend because I know they would be in good hands.”

best clinical research office san antonio txNicole S.

“I had bunion surgery in late July, it went well. I am very satisfied with the end result and I highly recommend Dr. Pollak. He was a great surgeon and very compassionate.”

best clinical research office san antonio txRaquel K.

“I am very pleased with my left bunion surgery. It has been a great experience, the medication was very good and helped me prevent pain. The scar looks beautiful and I have not had any discomfort. When I left the hospital my foot felt great. Thank you very much Dr. Pollak! “

best clinical research office san antonio txMinerva G.



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