Learning More About FibroScan Technology

Endeavor Clinical Trials is currently enrolling participants for a free FibroScan, which painlessly detects scarring and fatty liver without a liver biopsy. Since certain conditions put you at a higher risk for these liver issues, we wanted to take the time to explain how the technology works, and why you should get one today!

How FibroScan Works

FibroScan is a non-invasive technology that examines the liver. A probe emits small pulses of energy (shear wave), which feel like light taps on your skin. The speed of the energy as it travels through your liver is calculated and translated into two scores. These scores help determine the overall health of your liver. The first score measures how stiff your liver is, and the second measures the amount of fat. 

What Patients Can Expect

To allow for easy exposure to the space between your ribs, you will lay on your back with your right leg crossed over your left and right arm placed behind your head. A water-based gel will be applied to the skin, and the probe placed on the right side of your ribcage. Ten measurements will be taken to score the health of the liver. You will be asked to come with an empty stomach and wear comfortable clothes to allow easy access to the scan area. Again, this is a painless, non-invasive, and quick procedure that takes about 30 minutes. 

Do You Need to Have a FibroScan Done?

Different liver diseases cause scarring (fibrosis) or excessive fat build up in the liver. If left untreated, irreversible damage can occur, such as cirrhosis. Having certain conditions increase your chances of these developing, and your doctor may suggest that you have a FibroScan done to ensure there are no issues with your liver. It can also help you learn about and get ahead treatment-wise on any unknown conditions. Some of these conditions are:

A FibroScan can typically run $750, but you can get yours for FREE with Endeavor Clinical Trials. Once your scan is completed, your results will be given to you. If liver damage is detected, our research team will talk to you about our enrolling clinical studies that may be able to help. Whether you decide to participate or not, a FibroScan is an essential step in determining the health of your liver, especially if you are in one of the risk groups. To learn more about our currently enrolling FREE FibroScan, click here.





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