Check the List. Are you at Risk for NASH?

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is a form of fatty liver disease where extra fat builds up in the liver and causes it to swell and become damaged. It is a modern-day epidemic of surging waistlines and unhealthy lifestyles. NASH takes years to develop and has little to no symptoms. It can cause irreversible damage leading to cirrhosis, liver failure, or liver cancer. Unless you know the list of risks for NASH, your liver and overall health may be in jeopardy. It’s time to check the list.

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The NASH Risk List

Though the exact cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is unknown, research has shown you’re more likely to develop NASH if you are:

  • Overweight or obese
  • Diagnosed with diabetes (type 2 or pre-diabetes)
  • Experiencing high levels of triglycerides, high levels of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, or low levels of “good” (HDL) cholesterol
  • Diagnosed with metabolic syndrome:
    • This is a mix of conditions that makes you more likely to get type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Any three of the following conditions must be present to have metabolic syndrome:
      • Large waist size
      • High blood pressure
      • Higher than normal blood sugar (glucose)
      • Elevated levels of triglycerides in your blood
      • Low levels of “good” (HDL) cholesterol in your blood

If You Know, It’s Time to Act.

There are currently no medicines available to treat NASH. However, if discovered in its early stages, you can prevent it from progressing by changing to a healthier lifestyle and treating any medical conditions that increase fat to the liver.

NASH lifestyle modifications:

  • Lose 7 to 10% of body weight if overweight or obese
  • Increase physical activity and exercise
  • Reduce saturated fats in diet
  • Avoid sugary foods and beverages
  • Limit alcohol

Knowing your risk for NASH allows you to work with your doctor to check your liver health to monitor any changes regularly. Fibroscan is a detection method that uses the power of ultrasound technology to determine the health of the liver in a quick, painless, in-office scan. Endeavor Clinical Trials offers FREE fibroscans for adults at risk of developing NASH or other liver diseases.

Fibroscans can detect liver damage. Schedule yours today,

Once complete, our team will review your results and review current and future research studies that may be an option. Call us today to schedule your free fibroscan at (210) 949-0807, or submit a request online here.





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