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FAQs For Our Clinical Trials & Research Studies

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What Is a Clinical Trial?

Research into methods of treating diseases is ongoing in all fields of medicine. New medicines and devices used to treat and control disease are discovered and developed constantly. However, before these new medications and devices can be prescribed to patients by doctors, they need to be tested in a research study for safety and efficacy. Clinical trials are medical research studies set up to do this testing.

Why Do Patients Become Involved In Research Studies?

People participate in medical research studies for various reasons. Often they are seeking alternatives to the current treatment options available to them for their medical conditions. Patients participating in medical research studies have access to medications long before they become available to the general public.

Many research participants take part in medical studies due to relationships they have built with study coordinators and physicians. Patients appreciate the close medical care they receive in a medical research study, and enjoy attending the study visits at the research center.

Research studies also include volunteers who want to advance the process of medical research. Patients who feel frustrated and helpless with their current treatment want to participate in finding new ones. By contributing their time to the research study, their participation helps form medical opinions for years to come.

Should I Volunteer And What Can I Expect?

Every day, medical research uncovers new information about medical conditions and potential therapies. Your participation in clinical studies may assist in the development of new medications. You and many other people may benefit from your willingness to participate.

Volunteering to participate in a clinical research trial is one of the best ways that you can contribute to the understanding of diseases that affect people and the development of new therapies. Volunteers are extremely important to the clinical study phase of the drug approval process. As a volunteer, you are the most crucial link in a long chain of research and testing in the development of new medications for a broad spectrum of health conditions.

Each year, thousands of people volunteer to participate in clinical drug studies. Benefits that you may receive as a volunteer include:

  • Helping in the research process to develop new therapies
  • Receiving cutting-edge medical care from physicians during the study
  • Education about your medical condition and networking with other people with similar conditions
  • Compensation for your time and travel

What Happens During a Clinical Trial?

Each trial is unique, and our research staff at Endeavor Clinical Trials will review the nature of the study, duration, number of visits required, whether laboratory work is necessary and other information that fits the specific study that you enroll in.

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