Home for the Holidays: Thanksgiving During a Pandemic

Holidays like Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for any family. Throw in a pandemic, then mix in heightened stress levels, sprinkle a dash of financial woes, and drizzle it all with a skosh of election tension, and you have a recipe for disaster. Right now, we are seeing some of the highest new case numbers for COVID-19 since it swept across the nation earlier this year. It’s a clear indication that we can’t lose our diligence now. You can still be home for the holidays and enjoy Thanksgiving without raising the risk to your family during the pandemic.

Lessons Learned

Attending large, crowded indoor and outdoor events is still considered a high-risk activity, according to the CDC. Even a smaller gathering inside or out with members other than immediate family is rated as moderate risk. You remember seeing beach-goers and crowded outside gatherings over Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Fourth of July being followed with a spike in COVID-19 cases, right? The same will be true if we don’t change our ways during the upcoming holidays.

Safer Suggestions

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The coronavirus has taken a lot from us in 2020. Although the holidays can be stressful, many can’t bear the thought of missing more family time and other traditions, especially this Thanksgiving. If you are determined to keep traditions, steps can be taken to reduce risks. However, keep in mind, there is no way to guarantee zero risks. Be upfront with your family with your choices, and plan ahead with a few of these ideas:

  • Keep it small: Have a traditional Thanksgiving meal with family members inside your home. If you want to invite others, limit guests to those who you spend time with regularly. Consider spacing eating areas 6 ft apart outside in a circle so you can still enjoy each other. A full list of CDC guidelines can be found here.
  • Virtual luncheon: Host a virtual luncheon with family and share family recipes.
  • Shop online: Avoid crowded stores by hitting sales online.
  • Watch from home: Watch parades, sporting events, and other activities from home. Set up a watch party with your household members to attend together.
  • Share family recipes: Share those homemade goods with friends and neighbors with a socially distanced drop off.

Life is what you make it, right? Things may be different this year, but one thing that’s sure is the human capacity to adapt and overcome change.

The Fight Against COVID-19

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As many families work through how they will make this holiday season one to remember, medical researchers, continue the fight against COVID-19. Thanks to clinical research studies and the volunteers who participate in them, we are closer than ever to potential ways to treat and prevent the coronavirus. Upcoming studies are being conducted in your local area, and more volunteers are needed. To join the fight against COVID-19 by learning how you can participate in upcoming studies here at Endeavor, call (210) 949-0807, or visit our website.







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